About Us

     It all started out in the spring of 1994 when Juan Carlos Mora had his first taste of the western wear industry as a sales associate for a Mexican distributor of Western boots and shoes.  Juan Carlos stayed with the distributor for two years traveling throughout much of the West Coast as well as the mid-west of the United States. During this time the development of opening a Western Wear store for himself was already in the works; the city of choice for this new venture San Francisco.

San Francisco was ideal beacuse of the need for a Western Wear retailer; the only competitor being a store who was weeks away from closing their doors permanently. However support for his venture was not rampant and he often was called crazy because despite San Francisco's diversity and size there was no apparent consumer base for western style apparel. Without ranches or ranchers who ran them nearby, chances of success were indeed slim.

In the Winter of 1996 in one of his many visits to San Francisco he found the prefect location for the store but it wasn't until October of 1996 that the establishment  of the first store was complete. To everyone's dismay the store was extremely successful and allowed the expansion of 5 other locations around the Bay Area and is that same San Francisco location Juan Carlos met Lissette in 2000, his wife and the mother of his 3 children: Juan Carlos Jr., Christian and Sofia. Unfortunatly like other small business owners  the recession hit the family hard and they were forced to closee a few locations and change their name of the remaining stores.

The Fall of 2007 is the moment where Ok Corral Western and Work Wear is born. Together Lissette and Juan Carlos Mora continued their hard work and were able to continue expanding from the San Francisco location to Santa Rosa and Vacaville. despite the economy. Never losing their primary objective of providing quality products and exceptional customer service. Through their commitment to upholding these objectives the greatly appreciated help of all those who make part of Ok Corral Western and Work Wear.

In the Spring of 2015, the location in Santa Rosa closed it's doors for good and in October 2016, San Francisco closed and the family-run company moved to stay in Vacaville, Ca. Though never losing sight in our mission, providing you the best in the west.

We would like to thank our customers for their loyalty throughout the years and we hope that with their support we will be able to continue bringing the best in quality of western and work wear apparel!

Ok Corral Western & Work Wear

    The Best of the West.